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Keystone State

*For our first runner's up, we are offering them a chance to go to Nationals.

On stage they will be presented with the National Finalist Certificate and trophy.

Your crown and sash with the Keystone State Title, in your division, will arrive 4 weeks after the pageant.

This title is a separate title from the Pennsylvania State office and will be governed under the National office.

However, these queen title holders will be invited to some of our state queen events, at the discretion of the State Office.

**The fee for this opportunity is $100 and is optional, however, to qualify for this title you must sign-up and pay the fee. 

*Sponsorship fee paid by the state
** The fee for this title, is only offered at the state pageant and must be paid when you register. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity and would like to register for an appointed title (Northern States) through the National office, the delegates will be responsible for the National Sponsorship Fee.

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