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US   American Miss
"The Crown of an  Infinite Journey"


Welcome to US American Miss Pennsylvania!

At USAM Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to helping young women reach their goals and become the best version of themselves. Our mission is to empower young women to become confident, capable and community-minded individuals. Through our pageantry program, we provide young women with the tools and resources necessary to be successful in all areas of their life.


At USAM Pennsylvania, our certified team of

directors, and coaches are passionate about the positive impact that pageantry can have on young women. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is both inspiring and supportive. Our goal is to foster an environment that encourages each of our contestants to reach their full potential.

Join the US American Miss Pennsylvania family today!


Meet the directors and coordinator of

US American Miss Pennsylvania 


Paula Jo Knipple

Paula is a volunteer first responder and also works as a Health, safety and environmental specialist at Idlewild and Soakzone. Paula has 3 children, of which her youngest has been involved in pageantry for a few years.  Paula has enjoyed watching and supporting her youngest daughter with her pageant journey and wants to do the same working with the delegates of USAM


Paula resides in Somerset County.

Paula hopes to mentor, set personal goals and watch the girls grow through their personal pageant journey.


Arlene Roth

Arlene Roth Head Start teacher and resides in Butler with her husband of 27 years, Jeffrey, and their dog, Millie. Arlene's journey in pageantry began many years ago when she competed in a local Miss America pageant. Despite not winning, she gained valuable insights about herself and the world of pageantry. When her daughter was 6 years old, she expressed interest in participating in pageants. Arlene supported her daughter's passion, and by the age of 10, Sami had already secured several titles. As Sami aimed to compete in national pageant systems, Arlene and Sami organized their own pageant, Miss Glitter, to raise funds for the endeavor. Sami has since achieved success, winning numerous state and national titles. She currently holds the title of Miss Butler County and will be vying for Miss Pennsylvania in June. Sami graduated with honors from Point Park University, earning a BFA in Acting and a Minor in Dance. She now serves as the head of dance at Batavia Studios in Mars. Arlene has instilled in Sami the belief that true royalty is defined by one's actions, not just by wearing a crown. Sami's commitment to community service has earned her 9 presidential pins. Arlene, a firm believer in the importance of community service, is actively involved in various service projects in Butler through GFWC Intermediate League and Hill United Presbyterian Church. Arlene extends her best wishes to all the contestants today and encourages them to engage in service, whether or not they wear a crown.


Becka Marie Dove

Becka is the daughter of Co-Director Paula.

Becka is a stay-at-home mom during the week and works weekends as a bartender/waitress.

Becka loves to spend time with her daughter and husband.

The family shares a home in Cambria County where they also have a dog and cat who are part of their family

Becka will be your event coordinator for US American Miss Pennsylvania, where she hopes to encourage and support our state queens and delegates.

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